07 September 2015

Simple Sarongs Review: Brilliantly Simple

My Key Mykonos
I've tried several different changing towels and robes, including the Chawel, the Roomel, the Toga Beach, and the (not so useful anymore in warm San Diego) Surf Fur. But the best of the bunch is a brilliantly simple design by Simple Sarongs.

A Simple Sarong is a colorfully-patterned beach towel with eight buttonholes along the top edge and two buttons on the opposite side of that edge. It's easy to use: just wrap the towel around your body at the neck, upper chest, or waist, and button it up snugly. The company sent me one to try last month and I've put it to the test over numerous surf sessions.

It's a lot easier to change out of a wetsuit or swimsuit at the beach if you're a guy; we women have to worry more about accidentally flashing passersby. The Simple Sarong's button technology goes a long way to prevent that. I've tucked it up under a 1-mil rashguard before pulling the rashie over my head, and it stayed put. I've also buttoned it around my neck, and then lower, to get out of a fullsuit incrementally with no unintentional (or intentional) nudity.

I have only a couple of small complaints. The buttonholes and buttons are so well blended into the towel pattern that it's sometimes hard to locate them. That may be just a function of the pattern I selected, a design called Key Mykonos which I choose in memory of our recent vacation in Greece. And as I'm, shall we say altitudinally-challenged, a corner of the Simple Sarong drags on the ground when it's wrapped at my waist. I solved that by pulling up the excess fabric and tucking it in around the waistband.

Aside from those minor drawbacks, this changing towel is a keeper. It's an actual towel so it's nicely absorbent, it lets me change easily, and I can wear it home as a sarong. The Simple Sarong is now an essential part of my surfing kit.
Photo from the Simple Sarongs website, showing how to wrap

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