10 June 2015

Well, My Watch Says Summer

That's what Rick told me in Calumet Park after my short session when I reported how cold the ocean felt - biting cold. It was only last week that I made the switch from a 4/3 wetsuit to a 3/2, but the thinner suit wasn't up to today's upwelling. As soon as I started paddling out to the empty peak just after dawn, the water stung my hands and began to trickle in through the leaky spots in my well-used wetsuit.
I rode a fun long wave as soon as I got out, and then was joined in the lineup by Misa and a couple of guys on longboards. The waves were less consistent than during yesterday's solo dawn patrol, which was ruined by wind after only two good rides.
Following a lull, I caught another left and warmed up slightly paddling back out. But my shivers grew during the next wait between sets, so I rode the next wave in, wishing I had a hot tub. Still stoked!

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