03 October 2011

Blue Crush 2 Review

In 2002, Blue Crush came out in theaters, just before we moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida. That movie, plus Step Into Liquid, enticed me into my first surf lesson on a water-logged 10' foamie. Pushed by the instructor onto a tiny warm wave, I stood up for the first time, and was instantly, irrevocably hooked on surfing.

Blue Crush 2 was released this summer directly to video. Several of my surfer girl friends share a similar history with and affection for the original, so last night I joined J-Bird, Nikki, Heather, Amanda, and Samantha for a screening party at Nikki's house in San Francisco. In honor of the movie, we mixed up Blue Whale drinks (1 part vodka, 2 parts sour mix, 1 part blue curacao, and ice), then mocked it from the couch.

As one would expect from a Hollywood surf flick, there was little attention paid to accuracy with respect to surfing. The studios bank on the average landlubber not noticing disconnects like waves morphing from waist-high as a star paddles to overhead as a real surfer-double rides them. Or one ride going on for the better part of a minute, combining footage of multiple waves so the surfer can improbably string together barrels and airs. The writing is bad, with improbable rivalries and friendships springing up instantaneously and just as quickly reversing. Sweet waves are not on camera as often as one would like, although South African Rosy Hodge does some awesome surfing in the star's place. The gratuitous use of a monkey as a prop is disturbing. But we laughed at the way star Sasha Jackson "Dana" paddled, limp-wristed with only her hands lightly dipping into the water. And we now have a running joke about the best line in the movie, "Dana" to wanna-be love interest "Joel," who's naked but for a towel and has just asked her to stay longer in his surf camper-bus: "You let me know about that swell, OK?" Good times.

A movie about Mavericks surfer and Santa Cruz local Jay Moriarty is about to start filming in NorCal, and I hope that they try harder to get the surfing right. I'm excited to be an extra in the paddle-out scene at Pleasure Point next week!

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