08 September 2009

Let's Just Get Lost (Bag of Toys)

No, I'm not lost. I haven't chucked the cubicle life and the weekly paycheck for carefree surf and sun on some remote tropical coast. Rather, I've stepped offline to take care of some real-world responsibilities. I'll be posting from time to time as a guest writer on The Surfing Blog and uploading the occasional video to Vimeo. And still surfing, of course. Maybe I'll see you in the water.

Really makes me miss Costa Rica. And wish I could ditch it all, move down there, and just surf.


  1. what a great song! And why are there no girls at Mavericks?!

  2. back again - have jsut downloaded Bag of Toys CD - never heard them before but totally love this stuff! Thanks

  3. They have two CDs and are recording another now. Check out http://www.bagoftoysmusic.com.