05 January 2009

Trunq Surf Box Review

Santa forgot a few things on my list, so I had to buy them myself. One was a Trunq Sport Utility Box. I've been using ~$10 plastic bins from Target to transport my wetsuit and other surf gear, but they don't last long before tabs break off, etc. So I was feeling guilty about using all that plastic, and looking for something more durable.

The Trunq was designed for the purpose by surfers and seemed a good choice. It's a bit more compact than the plastic bin I was using, but my 5/4 wetsuit, towel/changing robe and other stuff fit with no wasted space. It includes a tray to organize the little crap, and also a changing mat. And the Trunq is made of heavy-duty recycled plastic, sturdy enough to sit on. It's a good deal more expensive than the cheap bins from Target, but should pay for itself by far outlasting them. One drawback of that sturdiness is that the Trunq is considerably heavier than a cheapo bin.

Unfortunately, the Trunq was designed by male surfers without thought for the other half of the population, some of whom surf as well. The latch is meant to open by pushing two tabs together, but for a surfer girl like me or a smaller guy, this has to be a two-hand operation. Rather a pain when they could have just put the tabs closer together.

Other than that, after my first use during a sunset session at the Jetty, I'm fairly satisfied. I plan to put non-skid liner in the tray to keep things from rolling around during the drive. The changing mat easily rinsed clean of the unpaved parking lot's mud and sand, but didn't provide enough insulation against the cold ground, so next time I'll try out the lid's durability by standing on it instead. A smaller capacity in the box meant less water was needed to rinse the wetsuit, so that's another environmental plus. Overall, I recommend the Trunq but hope for a redesign of the latch in the future.


  1. my plastic target bin has lasted for almost 3 year. your just to rough on your cheap chinese products.

  2. No way 3 years! You were using a decrepit cracked bin when we started surfing together, and that was like 2 years ago. Then it took months of me bitching about all the sand you were getting in my car before you finally bought a new one. (You'll be glad to know I'm much less anal about the new MINI.) So it's probably half that old at most.