12 July 2008

Still Jonesin'

This morning, Surfpulse reported that at Ocean Beach:
If you have nice big floaty long board or fish, preferably with a motor attached to the back, you might be able to score a slow, crumbling shoulder.
So I had only a tiny (though fervent) hope that I'd find waves when S and I drove over the hill. The first glimpse of Pacifica Pier showed hardly a ripple. At Linda Mar, there were a few narrow sections breaking with weak knee-to-waist high crumblers. A surf contest had staked a claim to the best of the lot, and the other breaks were thick with surfers like flies on shit. Montara was sadly similar. Even at the flat Jetty, a handful of beginners were hopefully bobbing on their big foamies. So I still really really need to get wet...

Looking down at Montara, about as close as I want to get to the edge.
Interestingly, our next door neighbors just got married - in their backyard, which is overlooked by our house. It seems a bit odd, but there is nice view of the Bay. We barely know any of the neighbors, of course (this is California), but we could watch the whole ceremony from our living room. And now there's a crowd in their yard for the reception, some of them possibly staring back at us. Kinda makes me wish we had curtains.

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