01 April 2008

Book Deal!!!

And I thought hardly anyone read this blog. Just a few days ago, I saw this article in the NYT, about a guy who started a blog in January and by March got a book offer for $300,000. I'm thinking, wow, that's amazing, some luck. Then it happens to me!!! Somebody at Harper Entertainment, the folks who published Kelly Slater's book, has been checking out my blog and liked it - they want me to turn it into a book. Nowhere near $300K, but some decent money nonetheless. Unbelievable...!!!
Check out these flying penguins.
P.S. It's totally off topic, but Gmail just added this great feature, Custom Time, that lets you send messages from the past. Cool!
P.P.S. Even better - you can search the web of the future!
P.P.P.S. And fly Virgin to colonize Mars!

1 comment:

  1. You're delirious. Maybe too much seawater. And Happy belated April Fool's Day!