04 March 2008

Sick Surfing in Santa Cruz

Surfer Health Study Kicks Off Ever wonder if that sinus infection you caught had anything to do with the red tide you've been surfing in all week? Well the folks over at UC Berkeley are wondering the same thing and have launched a study that examines the correlation between water quality and surfers' health. If you live in the Santa Cruz area, surf "good waves" at least 30 minutes a week and have access to a computer ... you're golden. Contact surferhealth@gmail.com to get started. You could even win some cool surf gear and cash prizes up to $500. For more information on the study, including its confidentiality policy, go to www.surferhealth.blogspot.com.

Hmm, an excuse to have to go surf once a week in SC. But what do they mean by "good" waves? And are good waves guaranteed once a week? Then sign me up!

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