09 December 2007

Pleasure Point, 9 Dec 2007

By the time S and I finished our Sunday morning stuff, drove to Capitola, and picked up my repaired* Xanadu at Paradise Surf Shop, I had much less than a hour to surf and Pleasure Point was closest. It was sunny, cool, clean and 3-4'. As usual, PP was crowded, and got more crowded by the minute. I sat on the left at the second break from the point and hoped for something to come my way with no one on it, in vain as it turned out. I was forced to attempt a duck dive at one point, executed it badly, and got a nice roll and tumble in the wave. But that's kind of fun anyway, when the hold-down isn't too long. And as always it was just good to get wet!

* Why did my 5'8" Surftech Xanadu need repair? Stupid story: When I picked up my nice 7-spray-pattern heavy metal hose nozzle to rinse off the board after my last surf session with D before he moved to SoCal (cry) , it slipped from my hands and landed - SMACK - on the top deck of my favorite board (cry). But Felix from Sand Dollar Ding Repair did an adequate repair job (though not wholly aesthetically pleasing).

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